indefinite pains complained of in the back, especially in the morning on
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and the presence of pain and tumor would of course lead to suspicion of
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collected by Kiister in which tubercle bacilli were searched for, they were
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They are found, for example, in animal fats Imt not in those of ve<retaM.'
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IiinlciMlliir i|ll;ilititii's nt' ililTii'i'lit irMsi-s i:<m'U|i>' tin- same viilililli'. 'I'h.
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either by producing too little of the normal iodothyroglobulin, or by pro-
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Paktiai, Dissoi iatkin. ^In tlic typii-al case of paitial dissociation the
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l-iK. l.M. .\,.,..„a.u. f.„ ,„ll,...,i„„ ,„• a -a.Mi.l.- ..I ;,l>,-„!,,r ai, l,v ll;,l,l,„„.-, „„H,..,| 1, ,.
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Ilii- iiisiiiniliiix lift i-iiilscs llif Ijili'ial ami aiiliTim pail "I' cai'li iili an i
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insurance upon the ordinary plan during its continuance, and be regarded
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forms and has been variously described as aciUe multiple skin gangrene,
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sniliiiiii i-liliu'iili' iiiiili'i'ulrs in a uIm'ii \uluiin' uf suhiliuii is npial un
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assumed function it was still thickened, soft, opake,
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separated the acute from the chronic cases, Hoffman attempted to classify
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the coronary and luilmonary vessels must likewise receive sjieeial atten-
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occupied in taking in, by very small quantities and
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of infection ; that these toxins are absorbed into the circulation and carried
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I'p to the iioiiit where the lihcr forms n synapsis with a jjanylionic nerve
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of asthmatic seizures calls for a careful report as to the dates of occurrence,
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of the fractured femur, from a patient who died two months
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cliiilesterol esters in the Mood after feedinj; with food rich in this sub-
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syphilis or tuberculosis, and if the albuminuria and other urinary findings
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iIm' process of inflammation the liMleocytes assemhle at the spot uhich
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.1. H. l.i|.|.iii.'.itl <'i... Il'l.'i. X. l:'.J.
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III. .Il-- .1 1 ,11. I ..1 11.111; i.;i.. II ijllil:' .,1 r....iii iiini.i laliii.- »ill li.- mi. Ii that lli.- i..ii..iii
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points: (a) that of the general condition, and (b) that of the joints. On the
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tains, ami it is pioh.ihle thjit, at the same li that it leads to iidiiliition
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lilmid of the lunns. In Henderson 's method the rehreathiiiR is jier-
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(■\citlil)ilil\ , Jiiid liciim ;icli\<' Id ;i u-iiMicr di' loss I'Xtciil all liic lliii'
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Note. — The table is read as follows : A net extra premium of one-half of one
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slowci- than that of oxidation. If in a third pxpprinipiit, hosidos hnvini.'
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having some relation to the greater incidence of osteomalacia. The belief
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of the whites, too, natives of the climate, and for
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I'ac't tliut llic siilaucliiiic fiiiil vairiis iicivcs do not alTcct it in the saiin
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are especially interesting in view of the investigations by Stoeltzner' and
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Tlicsc arc ficiiufiilly nf siitlicit'iit scvcritx to i-aiise death. Iiiit may l)e so
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History. — A disease with such marked peculiarities is not likely to
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i-N |il,'|rril ill ,'l w iltrr liiltli lllllil till' trlll|ii'l'at HIT' I'lillilitiiilis ,'111 nst.'lli!
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which had stood out in my memory so vividly. A very healthy woman,
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instances. The second case (Greorgievski's), as elsewhere stated, is not
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of the th)Tnus gland, which b found so frequently diseased in myas-