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muscular atrophy, amyotrophic sclerosis, and bulbar paralysis, the motor
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or to influence its advent. No telluric emanations that were
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in Table XVII had an exceptionally active excretory function for
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assertion that if a stem of Tubularia is cut into two pieces the oral
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and 42 inch belts. I also make three sizes of Flexible Cups, Nos. 1, 2 and 3. Two length Stems, 2| and 3
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to be the case. In several cases it has been described as having
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audible part of expiration being prolonged. Wavy, jerky, or interrupted
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in extracting; still, when the alternative is the destruction of life, no means
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The tissue proper of the tumor was found to be exempt from the
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of agricultural freshmen, and of mechanical preparatory
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Commissioners, in their Report for 1905, made the precise
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Usually, when adhesive plasters were considered insufficient to approxi-
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the red globule far more satisfactorily than any other hypothesis
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skin, owing probably to the arsenic acting as an astringent
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their infallible virtue, they submitted animals and themselves to be bitten
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The Science and Art of Obstetrics. By Theophilus Parvin, A. M., M. D., LL. D.,
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belly was moderately distended but not at all tender. Under
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not aware of the fact that it is not a scientific i?istitution, nor
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but its properties. Of its substance we are ignorant,
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It is not a common manifestation in glaucoma, cases having been
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by irritant food and drugs (rank aqueous rapidly-grown
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long to wrap around the ends of the legs ; then -fill the
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melancholic delusions. After repeated attacks the brain becomes more
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member of « Board to be eonyened in that dtr, for the examination of
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avoid everything which would stamp it with an ' institutional '
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occurrence for people to return from a trip suffering from a cold
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simultaneously or in succession, and the proneness to attack the
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ing established, his fame as a wit was growing, but
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in turning over the leaflets of the book of memory no page will shine brighter
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aiding and assisting her. They are two theories, di-
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was adopted among us that the doe should not be put to the buck
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explain the unusually large size of the perforations.
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pulmonary tuberculosis ; these patients settled there
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mouths. Besides, there is a want of magnanimity and dignity
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Delepine, in the paper quoted, shows how desirable it is
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their lives in railway accidents, while 1,054 were killed in accidents to
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ous fungi, and the extent of injury caused by the same.
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sidered due to changed bile pigment. According to v. Jaksch, haemoglobin