posals. By their very nature they [voluntary plans]
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Dr. Sequeika said that in 1910 he showed a man, aged 30, suffering
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Etiology. — In some there is a predisposition to it; Prof. McEchran
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tions, 55 ; " with other indications of a " most violent acute
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thority — Decrees of Council disregarded except in Britain —
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in its passage, are jammed into these walls ; while scarcely any
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calculate the number of deaths which would have occurred among these cases
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by the presence of irritating matters in the intestinal canal, either
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Sanger [Ibid.) reports an ovarian -abdominal pregnancy in which the
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hardness, if still possible, the uterine web, and when the vaginal
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The effects of this explosion are very graphically described by Mr. Russell