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Surgery. Associate Attending Surgeon, Memorial Sloan-
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has iiol been obH(;rve*l in the lyin^-iii chambt^r. TIiIh
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the mono-phosphate acts in the opposite manner upon acid urate of
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lation, lighting and the evil influence which may result from dust
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of the weight of the living body consists of water. If good, pure
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April 20, 1S67. sary accommodation for nurses, and a laun-
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and suppressive operations were conducted under its provisions until
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by the old inhabitants of the Crescent City ; and so are those
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1806, Mott studied for some years in London, part of
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The first part does not altogether realize the expectations held out by its title ; for
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and tertian varieties of the disease ; in the second, the pigmented
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French sickness and sickness of Naples. The word " grandgore " was used by
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when they occur in pairs ; in chains as streptococci; in packets of four or more
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more solid, but there were still six in the twenty -four hours,
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1904, and, in spite of the inclement weather and the bad condi-
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nessed most striking effects from analogous remedies, such as the iodide
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not insure success without the above-mentioned qualifica-
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System of Diseases of the Eye. By American, British,
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teen days after the onset ; only a little blood escaped, no pus, and the symptoms
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thaP" reports a case in which by administration of phosphorus prepara-
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intent to preserve warmth or to exclude heat, or it may be, even to prevent wetting by
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toxin treatment. When one considers that the benefits of serum treatment
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ble. An examination was now made (both digital and instru*
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Remarks. — The case presents many interesting features^ and
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has been found necessary, not only of the part dealing with proteins, but
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where the buggy was standing was an open one, still not more than twenty
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