her in the arm, and in feven days time bled her (\x
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the same time a certain amount of organic matter is also
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In the natives of countries in which B. Mngeri is endemic the con-
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tract was deranged, and the most efficient plan of treatment in children.
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pared with 83,439 at Chicago, 69.447 at Kansas City, 34,000 at
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either by tape" or a binder'* to reduce artifacts of motion. The
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Here, then, were all the symptoms of incarcerated bowel, with a tumour fill-
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are the result of sudden and profuse loss of blood, the transfusion of blood,
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surgeons use torsion to the exclusion of the ligature,
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if rings are evident, of a sort of dirty reddish hue,
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is covered, as well as by the arrangement of its viscera.
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to eat his meals quietly, and to masticate his food thoroughly,
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A large share of the success in controlling the disease
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This is a revision of the well-known work of Dr. John M. Maisch, issued
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through practice, which is necessary for the perfecting of the eye as a seeing
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Base-ball Game (5 innings) between teams represent-
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in Mobile ; twenty-five per centum in Shreveport againt fifty-
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foes, and, no doubt, quite as many who have survived the contest, but
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that mind is the sum of the mental faculties of the brain and ner-
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protoplasm round each darkly-stained nucleus. It had taken
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Probably the most fertile source of unsuccessful treatment is errone-
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wicz's(^'') case of ethmoidal mucocele there was a considerable
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a charge of powder of above 300 lbs., throwing a projectile
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illness that pointed to the pleura rather than the liver. Nor