12° below zero to a maximum of 120° and more in the Death Valley.

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A small quantity of greenish matter was found to have been dis-

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result. Evidence in favor of such a view will be brought forward later.

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former attacks of acute rheumatism, constitutions debilitated by unhealthy

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to distinguish them — upon each of these points. Professor Cams

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any course of treatment by high irrigation of the colon.

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Malcolm in describing cow-pox, refers to a spurious form

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these ague-like attacks were repeated. The abdomen then became tympanitic

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still rely upon kryoscopy of the blood as a guide to the sufficiency

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during the lifetime of its distinguished author, and was prepared for the

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arteries in- being less dense, having no muscular nor ligamentary

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ence, entitling it to the universal respect and high estimation of

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the increase of urea, I refer to my previous remarks on the excretion of nitrogen.

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tracted syncope. A few days afterwards, when making an effort to eyacoate the bowels, the

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well-educated physicians. The mistake has been in sup-

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often as we can get them to, but once in a while we would

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so crowned it with the glorions rewards of well-directed

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to Med. Research, dedicated to Vaughan, Ann Arbor, 1903, p. 216.

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dition is a dangerous one. If with these there is albuminuria,

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Pelvic Cellulitis in Women. By Wm. H. Robb, M. D., of Mont-

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cannot be precisely ascertained, and the patient is often not aware

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salicylate of potassium is added to an aqueous solution

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supposed to be occasioned by the fact that this floor is ex-

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work. When relief cannot be obtained by non-medicinal means they

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giving syphilitic treatment a trial for longer than a week or ten

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mals with material from the glands of children affected with

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™ are turned to the right, the evacuations do not go

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interested in a unified state development. If the six lawyers who

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in removing all obstructions; but it soon exhausts itself,

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Cravings — Breasts and Nipples — Bladder Symptoms — Leucorrhea — Lotion for Irri-

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are of a maroon tinge, which soon gives way to a vivid red on exposure

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for I have cured a number of cases by very simple means.

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thrown over him without delay, for be it understood

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she lay with under jaw depressed, eyes staring and wide open,

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was one which he thought must be specially determined

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and intestines are next removed, and the whole of the