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the lapse of a longer or shorter period, the soft, doughy nodosities

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cited a case of uterine inertia in a primipara, in which he

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employed with measurements of relative time of onset of negativity

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ered, its margins rounded, and the canal unobstructed. The author believes

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3 Berichte <ler deutscheu chemischen gesellscaaft, 1886, p. 778,

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and, finally, a " sprain," the pathology of which should be visualized

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discuss in extenso. I can only give very briefly the opinions

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better remedy for stone trouble than tea of Knot grass.

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vary bodies, no disorders of motility were manifested in the limbs.

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or four weeks of low fever with occasional slight chills and pro-

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when she was flowing ; and when she exclaimed, " Oh ! Doctor, I

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the sides of the outer cylinder, which are furnished with

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ample. Its purpose is to separate volatile from non-volatile agents

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milk; acquired, or that which is produced by one attack of the

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structures. It is possible that the passage of the child's head in

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together with shivering ; the skin is shrivelled and the papillae

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