obstruction is situated low down in the intestine. With the

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often treated — exposed to all weathers, under-clothed, under-fed, and

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della caseiiia. Riforma med., Palermo, 1899, xv, pt. 4, 746;

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fifth or sixth day of the eruption, instead of maturating, the

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in every community, at every medical school and every

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Koch used agar, but the former were not wholly practical in that

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ficulties in differentiating tubercular meningitis. He

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the last ten years at Johns Hopkins Hospital, a foreign body, a section

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for this educational effort are slightly over $10 million.

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lated cells falls. This is shown well by Case 5. With a hemoglobin

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Very little hay, if any, is fed in the morning when hard work follows,

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this year and in a measure explain the high quality of the graduates.

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Twenty-eight days after operation, 3,500,000 red corpuscles and 8,400 white cor-

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ing in contact with the sun-ounding tissues. Is such

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Franz Cron, director of a well-known sanitarium in Berlin.

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A Metropolitan Surger'n.— The "bone-setters" are not extinct. They

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did new college building was opened to classes on November 16, 1929. The

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mine, as to the constant effect of veratrum album ; for I main-

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character, and not on any far-fetched theory of its

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"cured" by destroying the parasite, Uiut they can be

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ployed in this way — and not in erecting new institutions

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in many of these cases, patients had immigrated from or

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cent, of the congenital cases in males were equino-varus,

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diagnosis turns upon the presence or absence of a cause of cerebral abscess,

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^ California State Journal of Medicine, November, 1903, p. 358.

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pulse and respiration were irregular, the former feeble. There was no pa-

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stroke, the use of alcohol has not been followed with

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digitizers are capable of digitizing films to a resolution of

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