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opiate, may also be advantageously resorted to. On the next day,

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When the tetany is the result of a complete extirpation of all parathy-

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caused by capillary embolism. In cases in which the clots become

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In a recent number of the Lancet, Dr. Gopaul Chunder Roy

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Let me lay before you the report by Dr. Dumontpallier of a case

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rest is essential to the healing of an ulcerated surface, in no other way

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answer without i)rcjudice and without partiality Sir James Simjjson's cer-

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ty-seven cannula insertions were required. These included the

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it could hardly be supposed that the pure sunlight, fresh from God's

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the probable cause of this sometimes dangerous affection

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some of the mutton being cut up finely and put into it, or of fish

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patients had been treated in the wards and 1275 as out-patients.

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The cloth and the constriction tube, which lay loosely

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has been rubbed with a little spermaceti. This preserves their form and

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neck, face, and trunk, is frequently the earliest symptom to attract atten-

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