observation at Bellevue Hospital, it was developed in connection with

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unusual difficulties. At one time I feared that it would

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Introduction.— In order to appreciate the object of these

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and whispered sounds, and with distinct rales — all these findings

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other hand, the earlier stages sometimes escape detection, especially

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the lesion being the result of medication must always

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healthy young adults, I think it is not unlikely that the greatly

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secretions show highly acid reactions, and the normal

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tubercle, although other investigators — Kobner, according to Thoma,"

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urates but orders for refills may be given over the

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amount and virulence of the infection and the susceptibility

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Alexins. — ^This name was proposed by Buchner, for

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sometimes used the kousso with perfect success, and at

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nution in the amount of blood-plasma, the decrease to the retention of

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founding nephritis and lumbago ! ! Bending the body alone,

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her spring towards the assistant, who is ready to break her

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in battle. Subcutaneous venous tumours resulted, but caused

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been conjectured, and there can now be no doubt from careful observation in all

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the false pelvis, but whose symptoms entirely disappear under

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which continued nine days — that is, till October 5 — accompanied with great

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guished from all others ; but as already hinted, the

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vein are cancer-cells of the same size and appearance as the cells in the tumors.

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taken from it (with the possibility of transmitting syphilitic

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through a tube, in a fluid state, as he was unable to open his

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There may be excessive menstrual flow (menorrhagia); interme-

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17. Socioeconomic Characteristics of Medical Practice 1987, American Medical

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and cause less pain. In the majority of cases the injections are attended

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in all the classes of cases. As regarded treatment, re-

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passage upwards or downwards. The stomach and intestines were returned to their natural

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be more generally understood. As has often been said, the usual

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with a thrombus and may later undergo caseation and softening. Such

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purulent pyelitis, or pyelonephritis; fortunately in all these cases the treat-

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on the coast at Alexandria, passes from Alexandria to Rosetta,

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has completed its second year and then not more than

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the bowels are torpid, as is usual, two compound cathartic pills are

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