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four hours before death and at a time when the patients were critically

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character, and is Avorse at night. The patient coughs up a little sputum

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could be removed by scraping with a fingernail or tongue

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hangings to impede its free circulation. The bed and body linen should

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them. Either hot or cold water, arnica or witch hazel extract, applied

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Laramie Farm in 1896 were determined. In Table XX we

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as an urgency case. The fixed catheter, passed into the bladder

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The blood, which was examined by Professor Charles Eobin, pre-

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region), normal pulsation can still be seen. In the case of this

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by antitoxin, nor in fact, in the hands of those who have had the most expe-

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which typhoid bacilli might gain access to drinking-water.

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frappans de cette origin " — de Sacy : " Calila et

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225. On Turning with Contracted Pelvis. Dr. Borinsky 218

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fluids " into lower animals were dependent upon the

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going to sit up for any length of time, I should have

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straightened, they resumed their flexed position at

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of the large caudal lobes and to a certain extent of the air-containing portions of

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than to any particular amount of courage. In saying this, I do

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would appear that this mischief-working material causes no bad

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Fig. 19 Horizontal section through the body of the cerebellum of the right

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filter, like other trees, but more effectually because its foliage commences close

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the eyes of the good people of this country, and do away

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and all diseases in which a Kidney alterative or an anti-lithic remedy is indicated.

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little hemorrhage, and this was chiefly venous. The patient was discharged

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I also show you a chart of the temperature curve produced by

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respects the Quartermaster's and Commissariat departmenta

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nancy was 2 1 pounds. The uterine fundus measured 4 1 cm.

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This system of providing partial relief to mothers demands most

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State for War as the official channel through which

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proveuanl de Sources Cllniques Diverses, Arch, de M6d. Exp., ix (ISSTt

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influence of the pestilence would not be worse than