shaken and aired, twice a month, even in the rooms not much used.
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two plans, which we will not at present consider, are — 1. State
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contrivances, it often surpasses intensity in effectiveness.
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lated that the woman must have lodged some ninety-four millions ;
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I The epidemiology of human T-lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I) infection is not well defined in Japanese
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half hour after taking food, and in abnormal conditions
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But I began to be anxious when the phlebitis went on without
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In certain cases further measures are needed, as re-
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* Read in the Section of Surgery and Anatomy, at the
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contained upwards of thirty dollars in bank bills, and
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addressed to the Committee on Admissions confirming that the student has been reinstated in
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College Hospital, Brooklyn, which office he accepted after having
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