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teen years old. The man was seated in the chimney-corner, and did
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According to Livingstone, the famous tsetse-fly, which ren-
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The patient, aged 40, had been married for twelve years ; she
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which always takes place in this disease, (see Chap, on Pleu-
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dialogue and the weighing of values. Connecticut Medi-
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in those diseases in which the formation of thrombi
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were scars over all the finger-joints, and on the knuckles there had been
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vogue on the atlantic slope. Whether or no this form of fever
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and moist — we may hope that it will be soon over, especially if there is
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inspection the left chest showed distinct retraction of the upper half anteriorly.
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titles of a few articles which cannot fail to be of interest to
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2069. The propriety of using leeches in erysipelatous inflam-
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does not admit of an exact bacteriological diagnosis, for
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Decennial Revision. Octavo, 976 pages, 487 illustrations. Cloth, $4.75,
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of no value whatever to the medical practitioner. Let
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by symptoms peculiar to particular nerves or segments, to recognise dif-
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companied by a New Plan of the City. In a neat Pocket
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attached more to other morbific influences than to those connected with sex.
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ant but extremely fascinating problem of ferreting out the history
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of papulous erythema, with large rounded lesions, a goodly immber of
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are always superficial. In this variety the patient rarely keeps
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place, towards the morning. This fever, however exasperated,
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braiicb in medicine. There is no school, even amid sylvan glades,
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this treatm.ent successful the ice-bags should be applied after
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same area which had been attacked before. Patient coughed almost
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*' 28. A great number of cases of recovery after conservation from bullet-
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sporadic, but not infrequently in epidemic dysentery, the evacuations
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Juices. I have fed guinea pigs with as much as 24,000 and mice 18,000
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Salvarsan, kharsivan, arsenobenzol, arsenobillion (and their
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A much simpler process for the determination of the coagulation time of the
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power. It obscures the mind, so that we see as "through a
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and a full sound or note was heard ; as soon, however, as the patient en-
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has been assembled a working hypothesis ignorance and carelessness, and that edu-
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that where the operation was quick, and the viscera kept
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Controversy exists about the selection of tests and the
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The skin should be drawn upward before ter by Steinmann's method than by ex-
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alleging that by its aid the most arduous work can be
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tached, at its outer extremity, to the spiral ligament, and at
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Tolu, Balsam of, as an Adjuvant to Creasote. . . 334
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infrequently reported Should a dermatologic reaction persist, the drug should be
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priest. These were regarded as "good signs," ''just what
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selves afflicted with " all the ills to which flesh is heir."
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in its early stage, either in the form of cold compresses
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Bertram, which lies in a muscle-fibre, and consists of cytoplasm
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a single abscess, which was a favorable feature, but the patient was
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fact that phthisical patients — and they are numerous — very rarely die of