cases from our own observation and that of others in support of this

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typhoid in its later stages meningitis is also very uncommon. It occurred

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fected side, a labored, rattling respiration, and a copious bloody expecto-

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Ecchondroses. — This is a species of chondroma which occur as small

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the same time they appear to bave a direct exciting operation on the

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place in the last third of this time. When phthisis has a slow course it

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Cancer en cuirasse must also be referred to (vol. xi. p. 19).

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in epileptic habits shall have a tendency to produce recurrence of the

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Although there is this loss of tonus of the muscles and in advanced

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Various have been the processes for forming these two salts. Berg-

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exhausting the air, and making the collapsed bladder adhere tightly all

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stiffness and of weight about the eyelids. The conjunctivitis was of re*

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light. There should be a small pillow beneath the shoulders, so that the head

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{d) Primary lesions of the muscle, e.g. the muscular dystrophies.

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commonly small. The vaccine pustules were eventually nearly de-

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that she will sit and hold a book steadily before ber face in imitation of

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follow this up with a hot solution of boracic acid, or a teaspoonful of

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ing so far as possible the substances which cause reaction. The latter is

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units, supplied in cases holding two vials, at 5s. the case. Burroughs

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lar, with the pupillary margin of the iris retracted towards the crystal-

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cases may readily be mistaken for tetanus. The involvement of the

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Imi loog been known. It is usquesiioDed that ibe maio oflke of tbi

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there is a dull, heavy expression, especially when the headache is severe.

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resemble those produced by the mineral acids ; if the solution is less

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females, and this fact has been taken by some observers (Weigert, Coats)

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rax, and the diseased aorta and lungs, the apparent health and freedom

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and from ulcers of the skin. Erosion of the nasal septum occurs in those

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and adhere together in clumps. This may take place iAmediately, but it usually

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cultures as a rule the growth is not plentiful, but it becomes more

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Enormous doses of morphine are thus self-administered ; as much as forty

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shoulders, in which case resistance is one-sided, and the vibration which may

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Cutaneous syphilides are remarkable for the slowness with which they

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— A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Samuel Cooper,