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Case 3. — Mrs. G. at her seventh month, on ascending a flight

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What was good and useful in 1835 may not be either good or

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" The Accessory Sinuses," 1903, describes this method. Having

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Indian hemp, and other equally heroic internal remedies. Many

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So important is the function of the pancreas in its influ-

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College, New York. Seventh of a series of Monographs on Disorders of Metabolism and Nutrition.

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hsemorrhage involving the pons and medulla, this rise is often extremely

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Retreat, inviting the Convention to adjourn to the Retreat to-morrow

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stances, as some would have us believe." — British Medical Jownial, August

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large and very soft; both kidneys were enlarged, capsules peeled readily

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haustion of the muscular fibre ; and (5) Absence of

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These mixtures have their definite sphere of usefulness. They

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The first stimulus to the secretion of gastric juice is nervous in origin,