chiefly upon the type and virulence of the infection, and it is now accepted
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as follows: Cut three thicknesses of old linen, of sufficient size to fit the
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istic, often observed in 100 ner cent of the children, burn
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with constant or variable loads. With a constant load the con-
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fore the establishment of the Willard Parker Hospital,
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salicylate of potassium is added to an aqueous solution
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quoted. The following concluding remarks of the report contain
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sistence of drained honey. Get a small-si;sed paint brush, half or three-quarter
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weather slight hemorrhages have taken place in several of the
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its auspices since the session of 1858-59, the organization of
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central necrosis. Giant cells -were rare, but tubercle bacilli exceed-
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The coloured pencils recommended are the Creta L^evis, made
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incorrect, for in direct contradiction to Kelsch's views Wilks
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lished about one month after the onset of the symptoms, and oedema
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pensable article of househokl furniture. There ace few
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In the first case, the evil intent is supposed to be
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man organization; they see what is passing at many leagues distant,
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of breath, palpitation, and swelling of the ankles, and stated that
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These cases may be found at any age. The patient will a^ppear
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fifty-four years, who presented himself with the symptoms of cerebral excita-
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account of the fact that four medical men were found in the
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are also well controlled by ergot and the local application of tincture of ferric
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cold absolute alcohol, bone-blacking, filtering, and adding dry ether.
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repeating this amount or not, being determined bv the
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Issned Monthly . Sabscription £1 Is. Od. per annnm, Post Free.
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evacuations, doubtless a vicarious function to relieve the
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may find a communication with the urethra, or you may not ; in the
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