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roster of volunteer officers. He was ex-President of tie

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the squint when first seen was eight years, making the age of the

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is cut short while wo are helping the faint efibrts of the con-

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disturbance. The extremities were cold and cyanotic.

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began as follows : September 26, the beginning of September, August

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pine. Constant oversight and judicious and tactful nurs-

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tight (Fig. 7j). A moist chamber may be improvised, however, in a

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head resting upon her left shoulder, the chah- being elevated to a

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of the mesenteric vessels occasion a paralysis and consequent obstruction.

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perhaps, it may be found that in the cases associated with definite

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attending the use of the drug in operations on this part.

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do subsequently. The larger number of women at present

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or similar compounds (1 per cent or less), are very useful. Carbolic acid

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I have, without any intention of publication, chanced to enter

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induced to pay thousands into the treasury of a life insur-

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Methylene-blue (gr. i--b.05, two or three times daily) is considered the best

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In the above notice We have said nothing of the private medical

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Also any other facts which may enable j open, and the pericardium removed from

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To destroy this power of E-piece by shaking it requires a longer time,

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December 24, 1884, and November 30, 1885, and stated : (1) That the contused wound

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salmeterol and fluticasone propionate and survival in chronic obstructive

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of operations, surgical gynecological, obstetrical,

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But even in metaphysics this distinction between the

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bacillus of tuberculosis explained, an organism that is

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composed the tinct. with a wash of soap and water, com-

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plained his conduct to the senate, saying that he was the

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formed. Accordingly, a direct mitral bruit having its origin in the ventricle is propagated

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8.— Dukes frequently observes incessant restlessness

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nuclear constantly present, which he named polyblast. This cell is character-

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where they can get suitable food, drink, and every other requi-

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on the part of the kidney, although some are inclined to look upon such

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of medicine in California as determined by the Cali-

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with a long rubber bandage extending over both shoul-

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lowest six dorsal vertebrae, lumbar fascia, external lip

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located in Barclay street. He soon afterwards found an opening through

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at the mucous surface of the oral cavity and pharynx ; bronchitic,

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tween the same vertebra; as before, and consisted of

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Cooper Brothers, Ino. offers physioians a single souroe

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months to several years. Under these circumstances, the condition of

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recommended in the first part of this article, are to be used instead of