cautioned about the ingestion of alcoholic beverages following the administration
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hemorrhage from the chest wall are to be treated by aseptic occlusion.
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of the peri-mastoid tissues were to be taken as indi-
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prostate gland usually — I might, perhaps, say invariably —
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haps hinder the healing process. 2. Large doses disturb the
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tions of " Joha," a semi-solid preparation of Salvarsan.
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cicatrix in other mucous membranes. Instead of cicatri-
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rale that Astringents act most powerfully on the part whieh
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Dr. Broadbent must say that, if he had to give up the idea that what he had
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This fever is not contagious. In the hospitals at Malta patients are
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and turbid, and, in the duodenum, much bile stained. In the majority
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published in the Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports. Dr.
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duction in the normal spinal canal dimensions or by achon-
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is scarcely ever permitted to be alone, never to go into society, to walk or
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the ferrocyanide in the opposite jugular. It is plain, there-
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any evidence of a goitre demanding surgical interference. In the whole
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Dr. W. F. Becker, account of Committee on Law for In-
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in the upper part of the dull area, the respiration is very dis-
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