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Dr. Turner Anderson : I was delighted with the beautiful array of

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is perforated on its anterior surface about 2 in. from its upper extremity ;

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to be destroyed by cauterization. Deep cauterization

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horizontal to the vertical position the mechanism is inefficient. In some

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The result was twitchings, followed by contracture,

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'* 19. The utility of the substitution of trocars for hollow needles is demon-

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The man who does not stand by the President and his Cabi-

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Ill January, 1892, while attending a case of injury, my attention

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ISTature. But not until puberty is near is it necessary to begin in-

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QUINCY, Henry P., Dedham, and Med. School, Boylston St.,

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and space with the source oj infection, the greater is the chance

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despite the paucity of apparent results of his life work Burdon-Sanderson

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mass. The surrounding structures exhibit signs of being burned, the

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may be intensified or prolonged, the patient becoming delirious, comatose,

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censured by either for opposition to the other, I shall be willing to go„

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lar to that of tincture of digitalis. He recommends

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we find the caecum liberally furnished with large follicular glands, evi-

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In the above we have a course of invasion in which the swine

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one disease as opposed to another or how to provide the powerfully therapeutic effect of a friendly bedside manner. To

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revised and corrected to date. Price, $1.25 per dozen gummed sheets.

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Society of Ireland in 1873. 17 The gangrene only manifested itself