be necessary to meet the indications of the other conditions
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possible to do so, consequently, we have to depend on the
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with many of the effects : the crowded, distended feeling of the
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until they have paid ninety-five per cent of all taxes charged against
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would be shut off from the lungs, leaving them blood-
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needs as have resulted from the confusion and hurry
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cnlar, and a serous coat. Tlie serous coat only partly invests it,
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which is often observed at the onset of meningitis, and is doubtless due
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especially for the detection of glandered animals. As a preventive make-
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2. That in dividing the structures in the ischio-rectal fossa the scalpel is
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we have felt it our duty to criticise Funke's work rather severely on one or two points,
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16 Boston Med. and Surg. Journ., 191 1, CLXIV., p. 119. 17 Trans.
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base of the skull into several branches which pene-
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other deaths occurred no doubt where the patients were treated by
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with her first child at 16 years and 8 months, and never men-
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was four weeks old. The premaxilla was brought into normal posi-