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ProtargoL A protein silver compound containing 8.3 per cent of
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Pathologry. — There is much in the clinical manifestations of the
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buphthalmos — the form which glaucoma assumes in children —
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FOR SALE. — Stock of books, Instruments, furniture,
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attached to it, proves a perfection of moral discipline
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The first two chancres of this group (Figs. 25 and 26) are of a decidedly mucoid
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The lungs are, therefore, considerably heavier than in the average case
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tomography. Instead of reporting the absorption of x-rays,
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Hyatt Newporter Resort, Newport Beach. Wed-Sat. 25 hrs. $795. Contact:
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the amount of work to be performed by it. If the heart can
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3. The Symptomatology and Causes of Eye-Strain. By George A.
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D^uee Peritomtia; Osteo-myditie; P^amia. — ^Dr. E. W. Collins, in sub-
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Our society has always been distinguished by the harmony, order,
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most severe of all recorded instances — the hands and fingers having the same
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1904, and, in spite of the inclement weather and the bad condi-
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nothing to lead me to acquiesce in this opinion. On the contrary,
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