These cases are related in a report of some special investigations of
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This can be accomplished either by the passage of a lead ureteral
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It is right to state that Mr. Haviland analyses more minutely
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cal College, and was published in the Baltimore Medical
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rous evidences of the great erudition of its author,
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condition there exists over the cartilages, either no material dif-
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ever itself undergoing any change. The influence of Emal-
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dium scan was normal. On hospital day 7, blood cultures
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circulation, every departure from its normal condition, either of
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it reaches nearly to the umbilicus; externally its border is
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the world, but especially in our own country, it would be in exceed-
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much anxiety of countenance present. The pulse is usually small,
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iig-^nts may be rubbed on the perinseiim. Sometimes the
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presence of rickets, general nutrition, glands, mentality, condi-
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reference for specialists and general practitioners. It
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school for his brightness and acuteness in learning
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1968. Mausner, Judith S., Woman's Medical College (19129)
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have aimed to improve what they have been so successful
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4. Gatch, W. J.: Aseptic intestinal anastomosis. J.A.M.A., 59:
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losis are to be found in the general condition of the patient.
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firmly in the regular profession. It happens sometimes, however, that
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pneumonia in the aged depends upon a discreet nurse and an
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The constitutional depression may be great, more particularly in alcoholics.
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cooling lotions and a purgative. When heat and tender-
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and thus ouros both of thoj^^ disc^rders. Of these three pro-