I am afraid, in reporting the two following cases, that I will

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be ascertained, as in eye strain or autointoxication, the

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in cases where the blood, taken as a whole, has been much dimi-

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not less than the changing activities of the functions of his

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tion, or profuse leucorrhceal discharge ; and even then, the condition

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emphasize the vital importance of strong, sound feet of the

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giving but very little of solid or fluid food or any kind of drink at a time, and

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magnesia or soda are the appropriate purgatives, and ^

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of its coloured illustrations. The various appearances of the blood,

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difference in the two kinds of tissue elements, that

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self with studying what he saw, and did not search for

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The patient suffers from a form of traumatic shock or collapse, attributable

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ished, and there was a partial reaction of degenera-

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arteries leading out of the sac would be followed by the consolidation of that

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duced a profound impression upon the resident and visiting

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ways, when traction upon opposite angles will obliterate the defect and secure a linear

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they travel no cases of consumption occur, but that

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idly. At this time (August 13th) a small accumulation of pus

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that it is physiologically wrong, as well as morally unjustifiable, ever to allow

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insanity. When the fact can be fully appreciated, that every

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294. Spanish Onions (a la Grecque)— Ingredients— Onions,