weight, was first made use of in England about the time of
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great master, in perfecting this his last gift to the profession, for to him, more
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practical work. [Required of agricultural juniors.]
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palpable. The spleen was felt 2 cm. below the ribs. Temperature 103 to
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present as a common symptom. The heart is feeble al-
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k'lM<Oa0^4«ii< :;s. vitrv cwMKMly spofasa of w bekn^ng
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raised ; I mean the attitude towards you of the public
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young is not sufficiently opened, the administration of this
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not long since; his answers to various slanders by hand-
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within by coagulum ; and the cellulo-flbrous investing sheath, and
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to the coecum and adherent to the promontory of the sacrum.
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The disease is caused principally by concussion, from blows
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By direction of the .-\cting Secretary of War. leave of absence
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personal experience which gives to him a clear conception
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bichromate died in three-quarters of an hour with no symptoms
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duced by bile, and is characterised by the swelling
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(10) The constant pouring into the city of people from various parts of
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only possible way to remove it is with mallet and chisel, then irrigate
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A new recreation hall in connection with Bethlehem Hospital has
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Geo. Blackman, M. D., Westport. Geo. Dyer. M. D., Trumbnll.
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tachycardia, severe palpitation and a heart's action so violent as to
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The mental faculties were quite intact ; likewise the digestion. (Edema in both
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46, scarlet fever 29, cerebro-spinal meningitis 17. measles four,
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tlif iniproviMnt'iit jjroduccd hy it in the casr roportid.
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of the cases have been of the hysterical variety, some have undoubtedly
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the seat of changes to be described. On microscopic examination the tissue
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Gen. William H. Forwood has succeeded General Stern-
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drates, Avhich may explain the adiposity, sugar being converted into fat.
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inches. The thickening is uniform, and only shades off at its
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at each February meeting, the names of all fellows who are
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let them go you could get several times the price of the
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•61 7 1 Anger, B. Traite iconographique des maladies chirurgi-
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urine was loaded with albumen and contained hyaline
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emploj^ed, and especially chloral hydrate, maintain their full
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irritation might have been sufficient to establish some minute points of
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days standing — advised veratrum in two drop doses — no effect —
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had a V of 8.5. It has been universally recognized also that the
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of his can bring forth therefrom other than diseased mental
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persistence of less acute causes, pass into the condition of chronic bron-
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not now be difScult for the girl to understand the preeence of the
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fasciculus. The fibers of the pyramidal tract are more densely grouped ventrally
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About this time also the u^oman often happens to have a
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time^ insensible perspiration, in febrile disorders; while
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the life of a recluse, but has been an extensive travel-
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toms. There is often increased tremor, apprehension, throbbing,
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was not recognized until there appeared a rounded tumefaction exactly