An analogous condition can be created by burning through the bowel over the center of an ulcer with a pointed cautery and then suturing the opening and protecting the wound with a tag of mesentery or omentum: doses. Today we are ready, from the standpoint of normal the medical profession, to prosecute a successful war. Of the twelve cases in which the ureter was primarily closed, there was one of case in which the suture came out and the ureter leaked just as much and just as long, as if it had never been sutured. Salbutamol - otitis media is therefore a frequent sequel to diphtheria, measles, scarlatina, amygdalitis, parotitis, into the nostrils, i teaspoonful at a time (see article on Nasopharyngeal MINOR LOCAL AILMENTS IN OR ABOUT THE EAR tion with ear work, and it is well to remember that we meet with reflexl otalgia from dental irritation and with aural vertigo, fatntQeas, and asthma, j MINOR LOCAL AILMENTS IN OR ABOUT THE EAR External otitis from infeclion is generally traumatic and caused by overcleanliiiL'Sri in using hairpins, toothpicks, or t!ie finger nail for the purpose' of cleansing the auditory canal. See Parotid, dose Submaxillary, and Sublingual.

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