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less. Mr. MacMahon had been doing something for him in the way of vocal

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of the oesophagus was frequently implicated along with the

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above. Obstruction may be caused also by pressure from without, as by a

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was required to compensate for this enfeebled circulation by

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organic defects, such as anomalies of refraction, which are congenital,

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the power of the ventricular contractions. The conclusion from my own

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Pharaoh bathing in the Nile, of Nausicaa and her companions, as also

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nection with tbe above-mentioned experiments of Samard, are

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its former size and usefulness. Twenty-seven new members have been

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in tabes, and in some cases the results are striking. The more

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M. D., F. R. S., &c. London : Churchill, 18G0. 8vo, pp. 372.

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The day of the politician who “knows” what is right

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swallowing of small pieces of ice, or gentle gargling several times

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had engaged the services of a midwife. She had suflfered

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the muscles that have been least affected, but is slow in coming back to

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and Reunion is due to the introduction of Pyretophorus cosialis Loew,

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fifteen minutes, after which the body should be well anointed with'

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The hot symptoms are false because the body is already so weak

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Alexandre's mechanical leeches, which he eharaoterisea as inefficient end

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Walter J. Coulson, Dr. B. W. Richardson administering the chloroform. The

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symptom-complex. The initial stage cannot be distinguished from ordi-

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accomplished using sublaminar wires attached to a rod

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aeem to be from the statements in this volume. Indeed it is a fact well

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olfactory, and oculo-motor nerves — believed that the cranial nerves

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ing that she had a high blood-pressure before conception. She was

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sustains the powers of the patient. He reports it of marked

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a matter of surprise that the public should suppose

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The x,ueine -hniKi, it [n.-ihle, he .,-;,.../,.w ,/ h;. the .iaaitn.n t.. it,

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d'anat., .53. — Carv (A.) A .study in foot structure. J.

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and extinguishment of a Philadelphia professor who as-

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abscesses, due to a terminal sepsis. Should the disease be pro-

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