\5918 Stirling, W. Text-book of practical histology.

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influenza Januar}- 19, 1919, and pneumonia Januarj'^ 23, with em-

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long enough to reach three-fourths of the distance around the chest

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for, except that to confer the degree of Doctor in Medicine. This they

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tendency to excitement by contact. Association with deformed peo-

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and usually requires a considerably larger inoculation. As a strain

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adherent to the fibrin formed in the process of clotting, and Howell 8

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The tube is usually lengthened by a piece of rubber tubing connected

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the register. Cards will be transferred from the current file to the

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Asturias under the name of mal de la rosa (Creighton) : the Asturias are

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parts of the posterior columns were sclerosed ; an obser-

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time feeling better than for the last five years; can go from

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instead of from a reserve supply, in the form of os-

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ought to require of them the possession of proper credentials or else sup-

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excess of heat by a " critical " sweat ; as soon, therefore,

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error ; and we feel ourselves bound, in the interests of the

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muscles, extends outward enveloping the shM-iioeloidoninstoid mus-

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years were these patients who would not have come of

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both hip joints. The above roentgen study is of a housewife,

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lemon juice, sage, salt, and even occasionally sulphate of mag-

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every direction, still they are as branches from this central' trunk.

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only became reddened after she had poulticed it. It broke after a few

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clothes set too loosely. We are constantly cramped by laws and customs

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cryoscopy to the medical world some three years ago, suggested that