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the vulva was much larger. It was now quite surely a poly-

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Article IV. The Excito-Secretory System — Dr. II. F.

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The processes which are going on all of the time in our bodies^

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f hematuria, in its various forms, and results, is treated of and illus-

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back for some time, and at every spasm the spine was bent in,

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returns to his home with a feeling of strength and confidence, such as

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Now, how unlike, are the views of our author, as well as those of other

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Among the auxiliary aids of diagnosis was mentioned the

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a complication of broncho-pneumonia, acute cerebro-spinal men-

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but the failures were due to undue softness of the parts, from bad

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with the indispensible bread in some form, is in extensive use,

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superior article, quite equal at least to any since known, and

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after a while, a green sediment, a microscopical examination

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on admission on October 15th, we find him saying he was in every

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pleasures of the table are most ungodlike, I do not see why a ne-

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to have "the advantage of marking the peculiar lesion of the disease,

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would not only justify, but require, that a moderate bleeding should bo pre-

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ing tlje aconite to adults. It will be observed that, given in that way,

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This close relation of the orbit to the ethmoidal cells

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symptoms, presenting themselves in badly treated cases of

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death at the end of the fourth day. Autopsy, two hours later,

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I do, that it is capable of effecting a more speedy and perfect cure than any

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is an excess of fat and a deficiency of sugar in the portal vein,

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distinguished by complications, a treatment will be demanded,

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morbid appearances. In the latter variety, M. Bouchut recom-

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in all clear and uncomplicated cases, not searching for the appen-

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symptoms increased, and large quantities of pus were expecto-

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due, he should be true to himself, hy thinking and acting for him-