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lanzani demonstrated the chemical nature of the digestive process,

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common, except in the case of advanced carcinomatous and cachectic

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Kome, tells me that there are at present five, military bath stations

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was continued for several weeks, followed bv stimulating liniments ; and now,

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-f- 8 Ballance. Medical Chirurgical Transactions, Ixxix, 167, 1896

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of these reports the results appeared to be favorable to the new treatment.

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and after eight or nine years he came to America. His

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his sleep to be very imperfect. In these circumstances I

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May, they take this opportunity of inviting the hearty cooperation of

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influence largely the immunity from those diseases liable

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tice, and the case went on favorably till the 8th of September.

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I will not attempt to give you an idea of the subject-mat-

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attention of the profession in a series of papers in the Lancet in

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that it is thinner, more delicate, and perhaps more sensitive. A

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sessed nearly the same form, as it does at present. The skin,

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Besides undergoing fibrous degeneration, fully -developed tubercles

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flexible stethoscope, including Camman's double stethoscope and my dif-

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provement, the remissions and aggravations being proba-

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disease, the same disease was found in other organs

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of amoeba, such as one would expect to find in case of spore formation,

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able, therefore, to conclude that the serum ferment directly digests

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neapolis was launched by the Hennepin County Medical

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still to some extent a result of organic changes in the spinal cord.

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purposes as are to be found in the hospital establishments of any

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were observers of the surroundings that were new to them,

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and the skin peeled or torn from the flesh, it had better be

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this hyper-excitability was kept in check by galvan-