what I knew about blood clotting, I found that, try as I would,

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or other on the road. Virgil, Horace, Burns, and, since

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memorial from the Medical Council would be respectfully

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since November 1891. His stools were dark-coloured.

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upon which most reliance has been placed. Mauriceau, believ-

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Where is the policy of attempting to place ignorance and fraud

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Slepowitz, Gary. Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics. Senior

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occasion was his advocacy of temperance organizations, and

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present day has introduced a question of importance which

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had been included in the intervention or control groups and

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delineated in the drawing, and the needle after its removal. The

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V fibers enter the brain, this posterior rootlet dividing into ante-

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Professor of Midwifery in 1834, but resigned office almost immediately, and

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to the utmost with seropurulent fluid. By catching it close to

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Pneumonia : -'^^ the Therapeutic Gazette for January, M. G.

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and placenta have been already delivered jscr vias naturales, without

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The normal action of the heart should be maintained, and

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Aqua Dis. 1 oz. Mix. Commence by giving 6 drops o or

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companied by suppurative inflammation. The secretion from the

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■ illustrating the origin, position and course of the auriculo- ventricular

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gitalis, with acetate of potass, was now given, and under this treatment the pa-

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destinies, not only of those now living, but of those unborn, and their

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clusion is that hygiene must insist on the promulgation

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one is disposed to think that the material formerly served as

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ing on all the time in man's body. If bacteria are on top, then

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and the stimulant given. He began to improve at once. The pulse

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the same limbs, but was able to keep on his work till the night

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of pain. The vomit consisted of mucus containing black specks, but

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profuse haemorrhage followed, which was well controlled by plunging

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lapsed into his old, or contracted some new disease; and this state of