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follow undue exertion in mitral disease, especially
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hour ago from the steamer, and second, that, unfortunately, he
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period named, no fewer than three thousand patients
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and have this all-important question solved? In this connection an
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Dr. C. A. Waldron read a paper on " So-called Pinkeye in
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secretion even if no bile enter it, would, by its efforts to expel
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years of age, a graduate of a medical school legally authorized to confer
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If w^e now turn to the experiments in which the question of the
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trolyte maintenance solution (Pedialyte) without relief.
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some similar institution, must present a degree in letters
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is distributed by the blood stream. These prolifer-
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individual to become insane, under some exciting cause exist-
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Dr. Schwarzkopf has, we think, simplified the question very
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The order of authorship is determined by the authors. All au-
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capable of labor ;after the cessation of its action he is restless, repulsive, unable to concentrate himself, dull
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but for the first two weeks subsequent to the acci-
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into their interior, and in old cysts reach their inner surface, there
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The Edinburgh Committee on the Cattle Plague, having been
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Prudden, T. Mitchell: On the Etiology of Diphtheria. An Experimental Study.
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understood by the mass of mankind, and will be far more in
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deduction to be irrefragable, viz. that the absence of a lateral
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kind of cerebral disturbance. The little depth of the superficial
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ill eff'ects. Drowsiness is sometimes experienced during the following
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Those who believe that the examination of the urine comes within
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lost, the urine may be of a smoky hue and have but little if
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to be " ane drunkard." On 9th August, Bessy Jhonnstoun, a widow, was added
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the staphyloccocus aureus, together with the intestinal
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operation : no fewer than four of his patients died of pulmonary
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vessels, and assumes a blue color; but when it is in a state of ac-
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officers of the Medical Department will report, in person, on Oc-
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or that the malposition is overlooked until forceps have been applied.
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Ho^ital, and author of an excellent work on fevers, has