dence appeared to be realised, but a most fatal fever then

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heart-muscle tends to increase low arterial pressure

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there is something instinctive within a patient himself which

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cicatricial contractions, adhesions, and the impediments to free and

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"Where it is desired to get a very rapid immunity the

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pneumothorax takes place very early in the disease from the

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found in Group II, it counts 2 ; he must keep count and " make " the

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impulses to the cerebellum ; and since the entry of the first sacral root is

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which made a proper nidus for the tubercular growth ;

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to take two short, bandages in the week and very well

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and tlie prominence of the digastric groove, and, less frequently, the

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Rye will stand more alkali than other grains. In the

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having had cerebro-spinal meningitis four years ago,

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pain in the liver, atrophic cirrhosis will be suspected. If

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lanzani demonstrated the chemical nature of the digestive process,

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Why did we name it "Grins?" Because we have gathered and com-

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what was considered intense bilious fever with the surfaces

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been a superficial diphtheritis, and is attributed by Dr. Smith to an exten-

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much claim. Frequently too I used to sit alone with

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the present position of physiology and pathology, and clinical medicine

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symptoms after reaction has set in, and a urine abundant in quantity and

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imbeciles and feeble-minded; and of these 18,900 were enjoying the bless-

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a rheumatic or gouty diathesis with such local mani-

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, novo._ but are developed from eggs and seeds, and

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has been partly refuted by recent experiments. The members of the Medical

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and near the anus. In a couple of weeks a sudden extension occiured,

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ether hand, though insomnia, dreams, or disturbed sleep may