The following is an abstract of the clinical history and post mortem

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death not infrequently occurs from this cause. On the

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ture which is thus affected, but that which is superficial, external to

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Surgery (Orthopedics). Associate Attending Surgeon,

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doubt reinforced by the temporaiy fluctuation of the previous

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This acute degree of perception is not required for the

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The date of the hernia and the complete absence of abdominal symptoms would

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ovarian cysts, a bilateral tuberculous salpingitis, and a fibroid with

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and are affected with ordinary synovitis. If synovitis exist, rotation and lateral

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On the subject of the restriction of the sale of alcoholic

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represent the student body before the Faculty in matters affecting

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putridity, just as variola, syphilis, and glanders make variola, syphilis

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besides the lateral, with brain changes proper to general paralysis of

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great pemphigus group, and he (the speaker) left Vienna with the idea

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immediate attention. The doctor turns aside from the broken

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Can any one doubt for a moment which course would have

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On the evening of February 18th the following prescription was ordered :

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spleen, and joints, furnished the irrefragible proofs.

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his celebrated " Midwifery," which was revised by Tobias Smollett. Dr. John