Case II.* — Male, aged eighteen ; had suffered from

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it was even recommended that the wound should be carefully sucked by a

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sordes form on the teeth and tips. The patient soon falls into a deep

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patient, and the duration of the treatment. Therefore, when one

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LrzzATxo, Michelangelo. [Dr., Med. Primario; Direttore dell' Ospedale di Gros-

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present in the affected tissues, and the irregular type of temperature

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All communications regarding papers, reports, etc., should be addressed to the Editor

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heart, is more frequent in severe cold weather, and more

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calization of the cortex which has been accumulated renders it

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is greater after the clamp; it is generally attended by the

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the fact that he has been prohibited from selling the milk

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such as glycollic acid or lactic acid, provide the stimulus. These

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parents, whether their own talents lie in those directions or not.

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height of the disease, diminished in the later stages, and is

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tated, the mortality, as compared with early years,

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administration of the medicine energetically. The action of

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could be devised for the purpose, they appear to afford some relief,

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a disease intimately associated with syphilis, — a purely syphilitic

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met by patience, the animal being turned into a small

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circumstances rendered his experiments easy. Let me

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referred to, and partly on account of the resistance offered by the adipose and

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searched in the groin and the fold of the thigh for a tumour. None,

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Wyndham or Cathcart cases to all the patients in asylums to

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Cases like the following, which are not infrequent, show the

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an epidemic, we should be wise to consider them as identical in so