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results from gr. 4 to gr. 8 twice daily in this ob-

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the field of action itself, or within a few days after admission into

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of young people are relatively so much larger than those of adults ?

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bowel, and particularly over the Maydl bridge; hence I take or-

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failure in many cases. Note Case XVII,^ which, without

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is that the optician may not be able to say whether or not the

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Payment was made for 1,857 cases during April amount-

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tice of the antiseptic system at the Glasgow Infirmary, claiming, and cor-

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111., and report to the medical officer in command of the Service

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have reported the production of the disease by such inoculations. But

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Now the fact that I ])articularly wish to direct attention to in this case

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the right foot was colder than the left, but did not complain

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Will this subject never have an end ? Is it to be a current

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three hooks, to any of which the extremity of the sling can be

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as to his ability to differentiate between the aortic

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On the fourth day the temperature was as follows : 1.30 a. m., 103° F. ;

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li3-terian, the Gouverneur and New York Post Graduate Hospitals, and