base of the skull into several branches which pene-

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sufficiently long to tie to each stanchion and pass across

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tion of the intrapelvic hsematoma (its nearness to the vagina or rectum

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auditoriums. One of the features of the entertainment projected is a

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allow patient to inhale plenty of air ; others, again, say that

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theory is propounded and advocated with some adroitness, and the

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Distomum sinense (Fig. 32) — (Synonym: Distomum spathulatum). —

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salves. My brother, J. M. Chase, of Oramel, N. Y. says

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centre of a uric acid nucleus. In some few instances uric acid

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cal history of sudden heart failure in diphtheria, Dr.

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results when a suitable serum was used. But in the tubes to which

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cut by hardened steel ; it responds with even more distinctness

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On February 20, sickness and pain had so diminished that

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projectile, even in a moderate degree, will probably be attended

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expectation and belief. When belief is intense, we say: there

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Zacharias {Mibichen. med. Wchnsclir., 1907, Xo. 15) writes

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paralyzed the nerves <>f the uterus, and thus pi evented

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erly examine the various orifices of the body. There is nothing

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trolled by galvanic currents. In no case is it indispensable. I have

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cede nte ; fi fimul aquce in latitudinem fe complement \ non-

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By William R. Pryor, M.D., Professor of Gynecology, New York

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this subject with the statement that of a thousand cases operated in

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That patients who have been operated on are infected, to a certain

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to take a position on one side of the main track, while it passes

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physicians once got possession of the corpse they perpetrated a

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" Cauterization, either by actual burning or with butter of anti-

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unite securely, and at which fecal extravasation is most apt to occur.

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remain in a state of compensation and free from any serious com-

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confined to typhoid fever. We all knew that in severe forms of malarial

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After admission the patient lay quiet. Face flushed. The