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some of the mesenteric glands were as large as hens' eggs.
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intermittent and frequent ; and then flutterings or palpitations are
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fessors in the medical department of Salerno. Other
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of distinction have already been mentioned in the section on acute
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vancement of medical science, and as we have determined
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or a dropsical effusion into the cavity of the joint pro-
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as she was afraid to take anything else. Sept. 4th the sutures
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representations of men of special skill, of learning, of humanity, men of
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Attending Surgeon. North Shore University Hospital.
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antero-posterior direction. The effect of antiseptics
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can be authenticated by facts as to the history and condition prior to
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ventricles. In these cases, then, the systoles of the ventricles fall out ;
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which is obvious enough to the most superficial observer, namely,
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but the word is used of temple service, such as the
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any great amount of pain, or think his injuries to be
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Oriy. Memb. Heath, Christopher {Treaturer), Surgeon to Uni-
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and will be found as good or better than most of them.
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reaction followed, with swelling and pain, requiring the use of
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have supported the belief in the contagiousness of phthisis
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tried the plan, was certainly to give the patient a greater tol-
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the subject matter was too large for one man, and that
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humerus, the nutrient artery is given ofl' directly from the brachial, and, if Dr.
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histolytica produces characteristic ulcers in the colon and abscesses
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of the soft parts had markedly increased, and tactile sensibility
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drome, and several immunocompromised states, in par-
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is to be applied are simply designated "penetrating
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osmotic pressure that corresponds to the weight of dissolved substances
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men complained of discomfort at any time. Begun March 19, 1918, ended
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the means of keeping it up, while the surrounding conditions of
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the swelling, and removes the pain; the circulation in the veins is ac-
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aside from that I am all right, ain't I?" And so, aside from the many
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micturition — ^may all be associated with temporary inhibition of the
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inside the horizontal tube, where they are bent at opposite right angles,
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cylinder, I devised a method which the aj.ex beat and of the radial
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upon the displacement, the instrument will be borne much earlier than
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electrolysis) twenty-two years ago. The result was a