Case 4. — Adult male, recently operated upon for hernia, was
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impulse was not long confined to the attempted cure of
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tion of ergot; the fluid extract of ergot one ounce. Then in fifteen min-
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rect. It has of late years been demonstrated fully, that the lining membrane of an
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last November, on account of a small-celled sarcoma
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Dr. Dowling, M.P.P. for North Renfrew, has been unseated.
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ture. I was glad to observe that here embryology is dealt with
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B.S. 1974, Pennsylvania State University; M.D. 1978,
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evidence of strength — but a little care would detect an ob-
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rphans, which he also desires should be erected. Such is the regal
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skin beneath ; the membranes within the cavities of the nostrils
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sociation, sending in reports to the state group on disease in their localities, con-
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selves. This is what may be fairly looked for. I do not
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out with careful attention to detail. — ArcMv of Pediatrics, June
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cradle-si)lint, water-dressings applied to the wound, and a full diet with
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being further attacked by bacteria so as to become converted into cer-
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due to exudation. The earliest visible lesion of the skin is really a vesicle,
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the Standard Malt Extract Co., which is a reliable preparation.
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tricle. Such results while valuable, however, lack the definiteness of
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our announcement for the Academic year, 1871-72, by which
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We give the publisher the advantage of his own synopsis of the
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and girls not blessed with the joys and comforts of life, out to their annual
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dosage is divided, whether given in a single large dose, in seven small
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with the onset of the disease or in the last days of the initial stage, and
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The theory of the pathology of a disease determines the mode of
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other things help, for instance, the haste with which
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mate idea can be formed of the amount of hospital accommodation
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already extended for the meeting state that special attention will be paid
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stances where outsifle and tem[K>rary ap|>ointmentM
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1. No. 606a, Museum of Military Surgery, Netley — case containing twelve
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equally practical kind and all classes of student take part in it. The arrest of
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but cannot be expected to be found on fields of battle. In its absence, the