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from various sources speak of good results. The drug

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Dr. Blair Bell deserves the thanks of his readers for having

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support of this theory, L. Pfeiffer 1 states that the muscle findings in this

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King and Queen's College of Physicians; Obstetric Physician to the

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persons — eight boys and four girls — were volun-

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487. A man, 40 years old, received a pistol-shot wound in the right side of the

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in perpetual misery from this source, to which peculiarities of conduct and

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We do not see, however, that Dr. Stone's discovery or

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acute stage of typhoid fever. Ann. Gynec. & Pediat.,

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and fruits in greenhouses constructed of blue and violet

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He says : ''It is certain that in the age in which we

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carefully prepared and tested serum such as that issued from the Institut

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should be soaked in the mixture, and left on the sore for an hour or

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lateral immunization by inoculating a microbe or mixture of microbes

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evidence that iodin tends to become specifically fixed in inflammatory

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narrow band of dulness can be made out at the base of the lung, front

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