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point of decussation in the medulla. This occurs only when the lesion

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by training of the muscles, or, in other words, by incessant purposive

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after scarlet fever, with a discharge from either the nose or ears, may

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It is due to this condition of the throat that otitis media develops, but

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April 5th last. The only comment made upon the article

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To appreciate the full significance and gravity of such a process,

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consumed but is drained away from the blood through the kidneys.

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He, therefore, never can lift his eyes from his feet while walking, nor

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Duration not much above two weeks. Duration four weeks.

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one another by their appearance under the microscope. The first

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Appendix to the "Surgery of Henry of Mondeville.'' By

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These much resemble the deposits of pigment met with in the same

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London Post Graduate Coubse, Bethlem Royal Hospital, 2 p.m.— Dr.

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Hill, Alfred Bostock, M.D.Gressen, L R.C.P., L.R.CS Edin., appointed

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mistry and physics to the preparation of drugs in a form suit-

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dysentery the taking of a meal induces at once a desire for stool, and so

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It may occur, although pain may be absent. A special change in the


Mr. Brtant was in favour of the resolution if the whole of

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it refused to admit his sons Eusebius and Isaac to their

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Medical Electricity. By E. S. D'Odiardi. London ; Swan Sonnenscheia

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has a special appearance, as if it held minute whitish substances in