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ip retired from active practice and established his home
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8th — Codliver Glycerine is valuable in all lung and bronchial
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ministered every day, is soon exhausted, lasting only
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long since discarded the old-fashioned chalk mixture
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article we have thought of several designations, such as the following:
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at that time, and, in the inter-catamenial period, of persistent
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Art. 285. — On the Treatment of Enlarged Scrofulous Glands,
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Kollmyer shows that the distinction formerly drawn between
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some especial strain on the eyes, or with an acute ex-
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dangers of overdosage by accumulation; (d) because of the irritant effect
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There exists at this time a special literature of this kind,
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veins covering many fibroids; (3) it is almost impossible to
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regard to the post-mortem appearances presented by bodies.
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region), normal pulsation can still be seen. In the case of this
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ts, surgical incisions, otitis externa • primary pyodermas (impetigo,
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Gonococcal urethritis is the title of Mr. A. Clifford Morson's
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joints, too, reminds one strongly of the best treat-
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denced by the fact that insanity is not an infrequent complica-
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an injury which in some instances may have appeared to be trivial. This
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lead, six drachms of zinc sulphate, three drachms carbolic acid,
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cally I have depended upon an infusion of white oak bark
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Lobe — Absence of Severe Brain Symptoms — Supposed Intoxica-
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health, weighing forty or fifty pounds more than she did, January,
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thrusts an obnoxious act or thought into the current
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The reports of secretaries of local Boards of Health of Communicable
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power of a good example set them is an almost irresistible in-
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radiologic measures such as biliary bypass procedures,*
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ramina between the vertebrae or small blocks of bone