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dealing with the nails. We all know that this is the

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Amaurosis (atrophy of the optic nerve), and its treat-

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sensory loss, probably indicates Sutherland’s Stage III,

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appear to be from injected specimens. The above conclusions are based on

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controversy, and this is the greatest that history will ever record, with a

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Wollaston, du Bois-Eeymond, Sir Charles Wheatstone, Sir John

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Dr. Allen, of Randolph, said he had found a very simple, yet

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fibres, whose direction is outward at an acute angle,

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was seized with an excruciating colic ; and, although it was the first in-

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to entering on the preparation of the paper, I had intended, as

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Elder, in 1905, and one in 1902, in Dr. Shepherd's service, are the only

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extensive, they increase in depth, become more labored and the accessory

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allowed to go long empty. These fluids act upon the food the same

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powers are fully and judiciously brought out, is abundantly adequate

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ropey mucus, which stops and returns. Finally after 13 days

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It is evident from the general tenor of the preceding remarks,

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consists. Lead, tin, iron, copper, and brass may be retained in

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ste-ad of citing percentages of cures, I shall select from the series

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most authority in this field are Lusk, Dakin and Knoop. Knoop came

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color and strength ; the other girl kept in good health.

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affected — and this will be seen in the course of a few hours —

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less be undertaken, and if effectual may lead to a new industry;

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two years, and eighty cases have been successfully treated.

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more master of the situation at the bedside, or commanded

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say & Blakiston's, 15 cts., with varying prices for varying sizes and

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frontal region, but nothing very definite is to be learned about it and no

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antiseptic treatment should be instituted, combined with such measure

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crease in size by the constant formation of new cells, which are

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moderate pains. The os was dilated to about the size of a silver half

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nutritive disturbances. In such a case death takes place slowly,

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cortex and subjacent medullary fibres, and did not invade the internal