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Indications: Effective in all types of insomnia charac-
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Digitalis was used in all cases characterized by vascu-
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premature sexual development. The first menstrual discharge continued for a week,
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February 15. The four tubes boiled for half an hour. No thickening noticed in
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February 26-27 — Gastroenterology Update. Spokane Fri-Sat Contact:
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After admission the patient lay quiet. Face flushed. The
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appetite under such circumstances, and makes the very sight of food nauseating.
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sterility of prostitutes. In the treatment of infecundity, inde-
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or dispensary staffs engaged in this class of work,
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"The first ensues upon the rupture of a blood-vessel from
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was the case in similar experiments on swelling. This suggests that
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of Knowlton. She was aged 29, married twelve years ; five
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