Dr. Parrish stated that he had, not long since, seen a case of
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atrmight when warm in bed ; it prevented sleep, and a handkerchief had
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inflammation of the eyes, generally subsided on frequent ablu-
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by heating in 200 cc. of physiological salt solution. This solution was distributed
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ana^niia. atrophy, and degeneration of the nerve roots.
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consider them to be of a fibro-cellular structure; others on the con-
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It seemed desirable to note the effect of reversing the conditions;
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Measured amounts of cultures of Streptococcus viridans were
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Dose: — Five to twenty drops in wine, or spirits and
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treated with agar, since the pressure returns relatively rapidly to
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me that it was by industry and perseverance alone, that he had ac-
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least, that there is a very great unanimity of opinion among the
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the albumin-globulin ratio is concerned. Such fluctuations as have
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systolic pressure may be permanently so lowered and the diastolic
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In nervous vertigo, iron, quinine, strychnine, and the removal of the
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type organisms, show the behavior of subcultures made at frequent
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ble a number of pamphlets, newspapers, and other publications illus-
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chronic myelitis of the anterior cornua ; the neuroglia is increased ; the
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hundred dollars of the funds in such of the loans of either of the
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oculated in infancy, and another had had small-pox in the natural
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One of the characteristics of rheumatic fever is the intense ausemia devel-
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We desire to present in brief form the result of infection experi-
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tors. From the period he first engaged in the operation of litho-
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without effect. Cultivation for 3| months in Dunham's peptone
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Nervous System, where one hundred and eighteen papers
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is followed by several new ones. Boils as a general
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tasis of the erysipelas took place from the peritoneum to the face. In
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fierard and Dr. 8till6 have argued somewhat too exclusively in
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instructive in that the x-rayed guinea pigs and one of the normal
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pyloric mucosa and the normal appearance of the transplanted jejunal mucosa.
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system, which will enable them to judge of its precise effects,
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body as one foot is raised fi'om the ground and the body is balanced on
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inflammation of the cord, or any neoplasm that encroaches -upon the spinal
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board, the individuals affected being surrounded by their friends,
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9. Oette, E., Centr. Bakteriol, lte AbL, Orig., 1913, lxviii, 1.
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membrane anemic; larynx somewhat reddened; neck long; no swelling of the
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marked typhoid symptoms, which are the precursors of death. Under such
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contain cholesteria, but consist of concentric layers of epithelial cells
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fering organs. Whilst sleeping, alternate pallor and flushings of the
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doses, and Phos, 3x twice a day and 30 at night. The bleeding
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distinguished macroscopically as a fine granulation; negative ( — ),
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lished in the course of the second week. The record of only one
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Claypole on the variation in agglutinability caused by cultivating
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railroad accidents, are said to have been satisfactorily performed