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The lymphatic and intestinal tissues are the first points of attack by the

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the function of voluntary motion resides only in those parts of the cortex

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and other extra-peritoneal abscesses, I wish to call

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The plates which are annexed to the work are small, but are well calculated to

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three strips. Careless but fluent handwriting. Black and red ink. No. 50832.

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MALTINE is prescribed by the most eminent members of the Medical Profession

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The etiology of ciliary blepharitis, and especially its

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as part of a structure— the lung — which is, as a whole, elastic

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When an infectious disease common to animals and man

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The objects of treatment, after what has been stated, will clearly

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nous form, and, mixed with milk, is a very excellent diet for

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between the pleura and the bronchial tubes on the other; and then

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Lawsou, recently of the Medical College of Ohio, will occupy the

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and the value of scientific and thorough grazing. The

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While no single question can define the totality of knowl-

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In England, the subject of shock has received special at-

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physiologic. Glycosuria occurs although the blood sugar is within

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ism of Rupture of the Uterus," and upon the " Diseases of the