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duct remnant;^ others implicate the ultimobranchial body.^
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the mortality was 92 per cent. ; with spontaneous abortion, 35 per cent.,
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When not using the plating fluid keep it corked and it is
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evidence that folic acid antagonists cure leukemia.
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adopted on the Nile some thousands of years ago for solving the
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equilibrium with the "bound" water, and that there is a tendency
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eligible form for i s administration is the fluid extract. In spasmcdic asthma it has often brought about speedy
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tion progressed rapidly, after which time it declined, and stained
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of Weber and Hargesheimer still were associated with the drug business.
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burn. A total of 54 ambulance transports were documented
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Fourth. — Tiie spinal accessory, or superior respi-
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Since an unshaded lamp sends no more than half its light below
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other cases now under observation for the same purpose.