then pour into moulds. Serve with cream or boiled custard. If lemons
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nicutt, M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University,
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vertebne. The spinal column was curved like the letter S. On the left side a
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ing with the solution in the normal than in the gangrenous ear, the
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isms resist the action of strong acids and alkalits
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diseases, whom he proposes to take into his family, where they
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were made in the Berlin Pathological Institute, and were under
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have got fairly through the day, until he has sat upon pombe, which
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ten or even fifteen grains may be necessary, and possibly in very urgent
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TO THE EAST. Bv W. F. Eae. 1 vol., 12mo. Cloth. 390 pages.
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third, or fourth inspiration, sometimes even a greater intervals. It is
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slightest tubercular structure, but in all respects are identical with what is
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Ferguson in his "Practice of Surgery," says, "whatever care
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vance directives for life-sustaining care. N Engl J Med 1991 ; 324:882-888
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of the side corresponding to the lesion in the interesting observations
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helpful to the surgeon in his endeavours to manipulate the
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uniform diameter ; variations in acti^dty, however, are often observed in
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which is due to local organic disease of the brain, may often be arrested by
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as to result in only a slight increase over the normal nitrogen metab-
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remedy which, like digitalis or nitre, will eliminate the poison
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minimum was 25.5°. Kain fell on 14 days to the amount of
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as a group . The itineraries follow a carefully planned pace which offers a more comprehensive and rewarding manner of
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These fundamental facts regarding the behavior of gases suggested
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Effects of local warmth in treatment of tetanus, note 39, p. 510.
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of food is less complete under these conditions when small amounts
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or a tight-fitting shoe, she said, would always readily reduce the swelling.
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the testicle, and of the groin ; and those of frac-