fever of 99 to 99.2. Physical examination was negative except for a very ugly
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outside surface is greasy and wet, and possibly covered with the oil or
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days of neglect and the symptoms of infection are fully developed.
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of Fulton county. In 1900 I removed to Greenwich, N. Y., where I
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present for discussion of the value of balneo-therapeutic and allied
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4. That the prognosis of cases of intussusception varies much ; first, in
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with indications of empyema on the left side. The sputum contained 5. haemo-
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ble, and the zeal with which earnest workers are pursuing special investi-
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at the beginning of the spasmodic stage than towards its end ; and the
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palsies are common, often producing ptosis, dilated pupils,
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tions can not be considered of more importance than can be attributed
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jften produces a deep sound without the cough ; and which is sc
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vaginalis, contained a large quantity of fluid and ten
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research staff assure continual development and refinement of new ideas as the need de-
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mm. Hg. as the nearest approximation to the average arterial
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6.30 p.m. the same day, in consultation, we found peritonitis and tympanites
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over the animal's back, giving it an upward and down-
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Case IV. — John P., a;t. four years. LP., 4, 4. Parents
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rant, and should be discarded altogether from the question of
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tration occurring in the course of other diseases, per-
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