every legally qualified medical man, or that it' every
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thelial Tumors, Parts I & II Gait: Normal and Abnormal, Part
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Ibth. — (Edema of right upper lid diminished. Slight in-
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from work; (2) change of work and cares; (3) attention
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abscess, but the matter diffused through their substance, like being con*
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amounts of electric knowledge, who come very near to the line.
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me to open this discussion, probably because he knows I limit my work ex-
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rhage which poured through the abdominal end of the tube
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it presents in itself the most complete work on Venereal in this
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undertake the care of a certain class of sick persons who
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ileo-csecal appendix under Hypertrophic Tuberculoma of the Caecum. The
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Smith— At a meeting of the Faculty and Students of the Jef-
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dty when Dr. W. D. Haggard closed his pijvate infirmary and estab-
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teaspoonful of the tincture of ergot three times a day, for a period of eleven weeks
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Koch, and Daniels. Working on the lines so plainly indicated by Ross,
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pylorus or duodenum, likewise in cases where gastroplasty cannot
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10 P.M. After leanng him I recalled the fact that he
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orifice or to the existence of pneumo-thorax communicating by a
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lieations which may be sent to it, and an acknowledi^tnent will be
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are several different parasites capable of producing disease
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germ invades the body in the following diseases: En-
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probably few cases. Usually the increased portal pressure is attributed
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fresh fibrin. lu the apex, the upper lobe presents a
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with a very quick pulse. It was not until she had been sent home that she
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graduate teaching in that institution. For the information
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quantity of pus evacuated. A probe, which was inserted into the
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lower than natural, aud often resting on the Hoor of the
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The symptoms are indefinite in mild cases, and may consbt only of head-
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Rev., Lond., 1885, iv, 39-42. — Tay (W.) &. 'jLawford
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away, however, the amount has sometimes been large, there
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It contains so much that is valuable, presented In P"f"?* «*«^"|! JJ*' »" ®' moat use in daily dlaj-
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ble sensation, except cough, which he thought was a good sign, indi-
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Napoli, 1885, xxxix, 32-42, 1 pi. Also : Psicliiatria, Na-
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Curling disapproves of the compression in the acute stage, and
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of large wounds it is not easy, practically, to disciiminate between these two modes of re- 1
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aroused. This was in 1842, five years before Semmelweis
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'* Laveran, A., Plaudism, translation by Martin, J. W., London, 1893, 12.
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2. Maintenance of the Body Temperature. — The patient should
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and often suspended. The sphincters are hardly ever relaxed; the reflews
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operation, and prolonged the convalescence ; but she
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tinued for some time, indicates the existence of the febrile con-
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Sanitation, Etiology of Yellow Fever, Steamship and
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ments, replied Madame de R . Some of her paintings have
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Gynecologist-in-Chief St Vincent's Charity Hospital etc Cleveland