Naval and Military Service — ^the Merchant Service — ^Emigration Service
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selected, with certain admissible exceptions, from a list issued from
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often manifest. The patient, for instance, utters a wrong word which has a
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ally that a definite date for its beginning can hardly ever be given. In ad-
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in College is to be paid in advance at the oommenoement of each term, and
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Robert Elliot, M.D. Edin., 8, Loivtlier-street, Carlisle.
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ment. Very likely changes in the vascular walls, such as atheroma and fatty
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the diet employed has contained an unusual abundance of potassium com-
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descriptions In the USCA publication, U.S. Standards ff or Grades 5f Cheddar Cheese,
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spectai technlquff fdr necr^l^ from y«ir veteHnary officer, m f\„dm 1p a
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the victim to the caisson or to a cabinet capable of affording increased at-
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Chemistry (first winter) — ... — ... 3. 0... 3. 0... 3. 0... —
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on the eye, knife stabs, fractures of the skull involving the orbit or the base
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bile. As a result there seems to be an increased secretion of bile. Jaundice
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my opinion, an agreement between the actual conditions, which are frequently
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hysterical certain hyperaesthetic regions. These hyperaesthesias are so char-
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Electric Beaistonoe — Laws of Electrolysis — Thenno* Electricity—
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cord is usually most affected. The disease usually has a considerable longi-
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referred pains in the head. Eefraction errors cause pain in the mid-orbital
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the milk. In tl» ihoft-wt method, the "acid product^ by bacteria Is the chief cause
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first place, is, in rare cases, the termination of an acute meningitis. Sec-
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4. Much less frequently the type of the disease may resemble tabes (immo-
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Medical Council are exempt. This examination is held in January, April,
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to these muscles, but are first interrupted by the cells of the ciliary ganglion.
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Other fellowships in the Medical Schools are the Frank Billings Fellowships, estab-
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separate case according to the individual circumstances. For it is clear, for
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In this section m will discuss three (Rites sud the disorders they cause.
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and Chemistry may be taken at the close of the second course of
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etiology and Pathology. — Multiple sclerosis of the central nervous sys-
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known as forced movements and forced positions, are usually referred to an
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treatment which can be given by the Health Service staff, emergency treatment at the
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Fred O. Priest, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
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£1 lis. 6d.; for both courses, £3 10s.; Practical Chemistry, extended
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diminishes the amount of sugar excreted. There are, however, interesting
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idea of the diseases to which mankind are subject. He should then
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Dubner, Harold Harry, s, a, w, sp, Chicago. S.B. '34.
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Other tumors originate in the meninges, especially the dura; and still others
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Abraham J. Kosman, A.B., Research Assistant in Physiology.
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number of non-resident pupils may be admitted according to the
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the hairs Ground the anal area. - Irritation nay occur causing the doQ to draa i ts Surower
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their studies. The duration and order of specially supervised private
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From the variety of exciting causes, it is evident that in cerebral abscess